The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has issued the following statement:

The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) congratulates the people of West Bengal, the Left Front and other democratic forces who have shown extreme courage and resilience in fighting back the unprecedented violence unleashed by the TMC and the obnoxious partisan role played by the state administration and the state Election Commission during the panchayat elections held on July 8 across the state.  Sixty people have been killed and hundreds injured in course of the electoral battle.

The violence was specifically aimed at denying the people the democratic right of exercising their choice in a free and fair poll.  The horrific terror span across all stages of the election starting with preventing filing of nominations, forcing withdrawals, manipulating the process of scrutiny and on the day of voting itself.  The ordeal has continued even today on the date of counting where the counting centres were left  inadequately manned  with security personnel, not to speak of deployment of Central security forces as  ordered by the Kolkata High Court.  There are widespread instances of driving out opposition counting agents from the counting centre, breaking the ballot boxes and throwing out ballot papers stamped in favour of the opposition particularly the Left and its allies, forcibly taking away certificates issued  to winning candidates with MLAs and other  unauthorized people leading  large number of TMC goons in the counting centre. 

The targeting of the opposition by the ruling party and the administration was concentrated against the Left, the Congress and other electoral allies, while showing a kid glove treatment for the BJP.  It has become obvious that it is the Left, Congress and other anti-BJP, anti-TMC forces who have  frontally  confronted  this hooliganism of the ruling dispensation. 

The Polit Bureau particularly congratulates the people for ensuring the victory of large number of candidates belonging to Left and other secular allies.  The resistance of the people is the new feature of the struggle for democracy, unity and peace in West Bengal.