In the extraordinary prevailing situation of the state an emergency meeting of the state committee of CPI(M) was held today. The meeting was presided by Com. Inderjit Singh and Central Secretariat member and Com. Nilotpal Basu ex-MP also attended the meeting.


          In a press statement after the meeting state Secretary Com. Surender Singh, while expressing grief and anguish at the large scale loss of life and property in the state, said that the state govt. can not be absolved from its responsibility in this regard. The party has said that the atmosphere of  suspicion, fear and insecurity still persisting in the state was a matter of deep concern. It was disturbing that some nefarious forces are still engaged in caste polarisation for their petty political interests.


          The party has recalled that at the time of assembly elections CPI(M) and left parties had warned the masses about the dangers of such caste and communal polarization. Party had been repeatedly cautioning about these dangers during recent months also. Unfortunately these divisive  forces have succeeded in their ill motives.


          Based on the reports from various districts, party has concluded that the govt. and administration completely failed to protect the life and property of the people. CPI(M) said that even the major opposition parties instead of playing a responsible role, were also seen divided on caste lines.


          The party has reminded that the BJP and RSS were using caste and religion for polarisation throughout the country. The disturbing happenings of Haryana should also be seen as a part of that divisive design only. In the background of complete failure of the govt. in fulfilling the promises made during the elections, caste polarization is being practised continuously. Those swearing by Hindutva are busy in creating caste hostilities among Hindus themselves. The divisions these forces have created could not be done even by the enemy.


          The party has demanded adequate compensation for the victims of loot, destruction and arson. In addition, interests of those working in these shops, schools, institutions, malls etc. who have lost their jobs should not be ignored while compensating. The party has demanded large scale employment under NREGA and food security by strengthening the PDS to the poor. It is to be underlined that the peasantry facing drought has not been awarded compensation yet.


          The party has rejected the terms of reference of the Inquiry Commission constituted by the state govt.  The party said that instead of just inquiring the lapses on the part of a few officers and employees, all political and administrative dimensions of the whole episode and those involved in loot, destruction and arson need to be inquired impartially. For this the party has reiterated its demand of an inquiry by a sitting judge of the Supreme Court or the Punjab and Haryana High Court.