The Haryana state Committee of CPI(M)  has expressed deep  anguish and grief over  vast trail of death and destruction  in various parts of the state in recent violence while sharing the sorrow and agony of all affected people. Many precious lives have been lost and heavy   financial losses are caused as a result of arson, violence in recent incidents  occuring during the agitation for Jat reservation .

 Above all irreparable loss of social amity and erosion of trust between various communities is deeply painful. The state could have escaped from this wanton devastation had the government dischaged its obligatory duty by taking timely preventive measures. For full four days  the law and order machinery and the administration was found totally wanting. It is unimaginable how the people in violence ridden areas had to put up with the nightmarish atmosphere. Some grave and crucial questions have cropped up in this entire episode which the state government cant escape. The party, therefore ,considers it essential that a judicial inquiry by a sitting judge of the High Court be constituted  to probe the happenings.

The State committee  has criticised the attititude of continued refusal of the administration to learn any lessons  and still remaining  indifferent  in the matter of taking necessary effective steps towards normalising the situation and restoring  the sense of security among the citizens. The party has urged the people to remain vigilant from the anti –social elements who are indulging in rumour mongering  and to isolate them. At this critical juncture  the CPI(M) strongly appeals to all sane and peaceloving citizens to join their ranks and come forward to contribute for restoration of mutual trust and amity among all sections of  society.