As part of its election campaign in the two seats that the Party is contesting in Himachal Pradesh, the state unit will be releasing a charter addressing state level issues while working with the central slogan of “Reject Congress ,Defeat BJP”.
The State Committee which held a meeting on March 13 has stated that the overall withdrawal of the state and its impact on the people will be the foremost issue in the campaign. This is a major development model which both the BJP and Congress envisage in the state and have trudged this path.  This is nothing but neo liberalism to the core. The developmental models are so designed that the state is virtually forced to adopt it along with coercive strategies of the centre. This happens in education, health, services and various other sectors. Both the erstwhile BJP and the current Congress government are following the same path.
The other major issue would be to expose the BJP and Congress in their ineptness in protecting the interests of the state, especially the land deals and benami transactions. The issue of rampant privatization of higher education and the opening of private universities would also be the important ones.
The party has put up Jagat Ram from Shimla and Kushal Bhardwaj from Mandi.
Shimla, March 13, 2014