The Himachal Pradesh State Secretariat of Communist Party of India (Marxist) has decided to meet the Governor tomorrow to demand quashing of the interviews held in 2012 and 2014.

It is shocking to note that instead of allowing merit to prevail both the previous BJP and incumbent Congress governments are bent to allow mediocracy by allowing 3rd division students to be appointed as teachers. The party has a list of such candidates who are favourites either of BJP or Congress who are bound to be selected in case the appointments are not quashed.  How is it possible that the party is able to tell the details of the candidates though it is a complete secret. This is because the VC of HPU has been indicted of corruption and leakage.

The CPI (M) has stated there is immense contradiction between the statements made by the VC and chief minister. The VC has stated that there were no anomalies in the appointment process of 35 posts during the previous BJP government. However the present congress government made a hue and cry and termed the process completely biased. Not just that, the writ petition filled by some of the students was supported by the congress government and lakhs of rupees as fees was given to the AG to quash the appointment process. Now The government must decide who is prudent the chief minister or the Vice chancellor?

Fresh rounded of appointments was made in 2014 by the congress government  and interviews were held for economics, Hindi, social work, sociology and Sanskrit Once again the merit was kept aside and interviews were conducted to keep congress affiliated candidates who do not even have the bare minimum qualifications. Further this is been done in-contempt of Supreme Court order  titled P Sushila and others V/S UGC and others, which has emphasized that only NET qualified candidates are eligible for the post of Asstt. Prof. in university/college.

The CPI (M) has stated it will expose the sinister designs of both the Congress and BJP who are bent in ruining the HPU. Apparently the Chief Minister has been citing reasons for not holding of student’s elections, one of the reasons is to facilitate such anti democratic and anti merit decisions to go unchallenged, so that their own henchmen could be adjusted. There is a common platitude in the city that the police recruitment process has been far fair than the HPU selection and it is difficult to become a police constable than to be a HPU lecturer for here one just wants strong connection and bribe to HPU official.