Press Statement

The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has issued the following statement:

 Hypocritical Reaction to International Concern on Gujarat

The Vajpayee government is making itself a subject of ridicule by its repeated objections to expressions of concern by foreign countries about the happenings in Gujarat. The failure of the Central government to intervene effectively to halt the violence and protect the minorities in Gujarat, in the face of the systematic pogrom conducted with the connivance of the state government, has lowered the prestige of India and dented its secular image.

Instead of assuring the international community that no effort will be spared to protect the minorities and defend the secular principle, the BJP-led government, including the Prime Minister, is indulging in self-righteous criticism of those countries and diplomatic missions who have expressed justifiable concern about the mass killings and terrible violence in Gujarat.

It would be better if the Vajpayee government shows some concrete resolve to end the abysmal situation in Gujarat, instead of striking hypocritical postures which convinces none in the world.