Press Statement

The Left parties, the Communist Party of India (Marxist), the Communist Party of India, the Revolutionary Socialist Party and the Forward Bloc met in New Delhi today. They have issued the following statement:

On IAEA Resolution On the Iran Nuclear Issue

The resolution adopted by the IAEA board on February 4 to “report” the Iran nuclear issue to the Security Council is questionable. At the present juncture such a move will not be helpful in resolving the Iran nuclear issue through negotiations within the framework of the IAEA. In this context, the stand taken by India is not in conformity with the pursuit of an independent foreign policy and the maintenance of good relations with Iran which is in our national interests, about which the Left parties have repeatedly pointed out.

The Left parties appreciates the role of the non-aligned group of countries who made sustained efforts to dissuade the IAEA from adopting threatening moves against Iran on the nuclear issue.

The Left parties have noted that the Director General’s report will be taken up in the next meeting of the IAEA in March. The stand taken by India at this meeting will be crucial.

The Left parties reiterate that India should not be party to any referral to the Security Council nor countenance any recommendation for taking action through the UN Security Council.
As regards the UPA government’s regrettable stance of succumbing to US pressures on the Iran nuclear issue and the stand India should take in the March meeting of the IAEA, the Left parties call for a full debate in the forthcoming session of parliament ahead of the next meeting of the IAEA in March.