The PB of the CPI(M) strongly deplores the stand taken by the government of India in voting for the resolution on Syria in the United Nation’s Security Council.

It may be recalled that India had refused to support the resolution on Libya in the Security Council last year and had abstained. It was this resolution adopted by the Security Council which paved the way for the United States and the NATO to launch a military attack and to effect a regime change there.

The current resolution on Syria sponsored by the League of Arab States, with the backing of western powers, would have led to a similar situation for external intervention. However, the resolution was nullified by the veto exercised by Russia and China.

The explanation provided by the UPA government obfuscates the fact that a serious attempt is on to foment a civil war in Syria and armed groups and weaponry are being sent inside with the help of the NATO allies in the region.

Further, the talk of intervention on the basis of democratic rights and liberties in Syria is hypocritical when given the record of many of the member states of the Arab League, like Saudi Arabia, who have the full backing of the West for their despotic regimes.

The CPI(M) demands that the Indian government declare that it is against all efforts to destabilize the situation in Syria and that diplomatic efforts be pursued for a solution.