Press Statement

The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) meeting in New Delhi has issued the following statement:

Iran Issue: UPA Government’s Stand Exposed

The IAEA Board meeting from March 6 to 8, 2006 has resulted in the Iran nuclear issue being shifted to the UN Security Council. With the report of the Director General being forwarded to the Council, the matter is now outside the ambit of the IAEA. The United States has made it clear that it expects a quick decision in the Security Council on how to proceed against Iran. It was instrumental in rejecting a Russian proposal which would have resolved the issue by allowing a small amount of enrichment of fuel for research purposes which would have been under IAEA safeguards.

Disturbingly, the US is escalating the confrontation with Iran. Nicholas Burns, Under-Secretary of State has stated before a Congressional Committee the following: “It’s going to be incumbent upon our allies around the world, and interested countries, to show that they are willing to act, should the words and resolutions of the United Nations not suffice.”

This is the same route and method adopted by the US on Iraq. The UN should accept its unreasonable demands, or they will bypass the U.N. and go with its allies for action.

It is indeed unfortunate and regrettable, that the UPA government by voting with the US, EU-3 and others in the February Board meeting has been party to the Iran issue going to the Security Council. All the sophistry indulged in that India wants the matter settled by dialogue is meaningless. The Prime Minister’s statement to Parliament was notable for the omission that the issue should be settled within the framework of the IAEA. There was not a word that the matter should not be referred to the Security Council.

In contrast, on behalf of the Non Aligned Movement (NAM), the representative of Malaysia in a statement to the Board meeting stated “NAM strongly believes that diplomacy and dialogue must continue in order to find a long-term peaceful solution to the Iranian nuclear issue. To this end NAM is of the view that engagement of other UN bodies at this juncture should be avoided”.

Thanks to the capitulation to the US pressure by the UPA government, India stands with the bellicose, illegal stand of the Bush Administration. This is against our vital interests.

The US has clarified it is still opposed to the Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline. We have deliberately spoilt relations with Iran jeopardizing much needed energy supplies. Our independent foreign policy has been compromised.

The consequences of this stand will be serious.