The State Secretariat of the CPI(M) has called the Haryana government’s decision to constitute an Enquiry Commission inadequate. The Haryana government has constituted a commission to find out the lapses by the government officials in dealing with the incidents of wide spread loot, arson and violence in the State during the Jat reservation agitation. The party has termed it to be an exercise shielding the failure of the State government and the negative role played by the ruling party.

The Haryana State Secretary, Com. Surender Singh, has said in a press release that the people of Haryana are accusing the government for failing in its constitutional obligation to defend the life, property, social fabric and mutual trust of the people. They want to know if there were any concrete plans of the government to deal with this situation and what administrative and other measures have been taken. The role of central and state leaders and activists of the ruling party in vitiating the social harmony by publicly provoking the people for or against the Jat reservation must also be looked into. In addition, all aspects of the unprecedented social and economic devastation need to be impartially and reliably enquired. All the evil forces which have contributed to this havoc and tearing apart the social fabric must be identified and severely punished.

The party reiterates its demand of judicial inquiry by a sitting judge of the High Court. The party sincerely feels that the situation is still volatile and the suspicious atmosphere continues. Some forces are still active in instigating and arousing the hurt feelings for petty interests. It is unfortunate that the ruling party has not learnt a lesson yet and its ministers and cadres are still continuing the consolidation on caste lines and accusing one another.

The party appeals to all the affected people, responsible and saner citizens to be vigilant of such forces and by assuaging the victims they should contribute to restoration of peace and amity.