Polit Bureau statement of February 11, 1999 On the Jehanabad Killings

Another gruesome massacre of dalits has taken place in Narayanpur village in Jehananabad district of Bihar. These gunning down of eleven dalits has taken place within a fortnight of the earlier attack by the Ranvir Sena in Shankar Bigah village in the same district.

This shows the utter failure of the administration to take effective measures to curb the Ranvir Sena. The state government must without delay initiate special measures to stop the criminal activities of the Ranvir Sena and to round up the ring leaders involved in this heinous crime.

The Bihar state government should immediately call a meeting of all political parties to discuss about the steps that need to be taken in this regard.

The Central Government should immediately despatch sufficient para-military forces to assist the state government to meet the situation.