A meeting of Left Parties of Jharkhand held on May 7,  decided to observe a Statewide Bandh on May 14, to protest against series of communal incidents throughout the state, anti-workers amendments to the Labour Laws, amendment to the Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act and Santhal Pargana Tenancy Act, anti-people Local Residential Policies, forcible acquisition of land, attack on Trade Union and Democratic rights and deteriorating law and order situation in the state.


The meeting was presided by GK Bakshi, state secretary of CPI(M) and attended by K D Singh, state secretary of CPI, Prakash Viplav, state secretariat of CPI(M), Sushanta Banerjee of Marxist Coordination Committee, Dinesh Singh of RSP.


The meeting strongly condemned the attitude of the BJP led state government in Jharkhand which is least interested to stop the communal violence in the state rather protecting the communal miscreants, in spite of repeated representations made to the Chief Minister and the Governor by the Left Parties.


The Left Parties held that the Local Residential Policy announced abruptly by the state cabinet does not protect the interest of the Tribals, Rayats or other poor sections of people of the state.


The Left Parties have appealed to the people of Jharkhand to make the Statewide Bandh successful. For making the Bandh successful, the constituent Parties at district and local level will organize massive campaign including street-corner meetings, squads, rallies etc.