The seventh state conference of CPI(M) Jharkhand committee was organised at Dumka from October 29-31, 2021 at the very heartland of the Santal rebellion.

It was resolved to build CPI(M) as a prominent political force in the state by intensifying struggles against the corporate-Hindutva nexus on one hand and organising the people of the state on issues concerning the peasantry, working class, tribals and other oppressed sections of the society and placing before them a pro-people alternative. Identification of burning issues and prompt political intervention was stressed upon by the delegates attending the conference.

While addressing the open session, CPI(M) Polit Bureau member Md Salim said that pro-corporate neoliberal policies and the consequent exploitation of the masses and the increasing attacks on constitutional values and democratic rights can only be resisted by a broad based Left unity.

A 35-member state committee and a 11-member state secretariat was elected at the conference and Prakash Viplav was elected as the new state secretary.

At the concluding session, Brinda Karat called upon the delegates to identify class issues in the state. The issues of displacement, forced migration and migrant workers need to be addressed and people need to be organised on these lines for further intensification of struggles, she said.