At a meeting of political parties convened on April 7 by the Jharkhand Chief Minister to discuss the domicile policy of the state, CPI(M) representative and state Secretary, G.K. Bakshi regretted the fact that the government has not come out with a draft for discussion.


Addressing the meeting, GK Bakshi alleged that the present BJP led Government has neither done any homework nor could provide any Draft on Domicile Policy. Hence BJP is not serious to settle the long pending urgent issue, though the Chief Minister repeatedly announced to implement the policy within next two months.


He emphasized that the historical background and land-laws of Jharkhand are distinctly different from other States. On the question of the concept of “Mool Vasi” Bakshi said that there was no such Constitutional and/or legal provision.


The question of determining Domicile Policy on the basis of land records is unacceptable, which the Hon’ble High Court in its verdict dated 27th November, 2002 had out-rightly rejected, Bakshi added.


CPI-M has demanded complete protection of the Constitutional provisions of reservations applicable for STs, SCs and OBCs and also the specific reservation of STs under Fifth Schedule Areas.


It was also stressed that the enlisted STs of Jharkhand are automatically domiciled and need no certificate.


He demanded that protection of poor in general and maintenance of unity of toiling masses should be given prime importance. Justice to the landless and poor sections of all the communities must be ensured. There should be no further division among the people.


GK Bakshi maintained that a just Domicile Policy can emerge by integrating and reconciling three factors – I) Existing reservation for STs, STs & OBCs, II) Protection of the Fifth Schedule of the Constitution and III)  Definition of Locals based on cutoff year.


He also suggested that Government should immediately fill up Class-III & Class-IV jobs of the entire State on the basis of reservation in jobs for STs, SCs as per the Constitutional provisions and OBCs, excluding creamy layers, as per Supreme Court judgement.


He said that the Govt. is neither interested to fill up the existing posts nor creating additional jobs. It was also suggested that similar steps be taken for reservation in educational institutions.


Finally, considering the divergent opinions of different political parties and cross sections, CPI(M) demanded to constitute a Judicial Commission, which should give its recommendations within   a specific timeframe of six months.


The Judicial Commission might consider the High Court judgements, constitutional and legal provisions, public views including political parties and different mass organizations.


Bakshi also expressed deep concern over the failure of the governments, whether led by BJP or Congress led alliance to evolve a policy thus depriving thousands of people for jobs, while large numbers of posts are lying vacant.