5th State Conference of the CPI(M) in Jharkhand began with ‘ Workers-Peasant Unity’ rally  on February 2, 2015 at Bokaro Steel City, which culminated in a huge mass meeting at Mazdoor Maidan. The meeting was addressed by Polit Bureau Member Brinda Karat and Central Committee Member and MP, Md Salim.

The conference has given a clarion call to launch a relentless mass struggle against loot of  ‘land- forest – natural resources’ by corporates and rebuff the politics of communal frenzy.

The conference inaugurated by Brinda Karat was attended by 248 delegates/observers. 53 comrades enriched the Political Organizational Report placed by State Secretary G.K.Baksi. Discussions were held in a constructive and self-critical atmosphere.

Central Committee member, Madan Ghosh spoke in the delegate session emphasizing the role of leadership and development of mass organizations.

15 resolutions were adopted by the conference.

Polit Bureau Member S Ramachandran Pillai  summed up the deliberations asserted the interconnection with the basic class issues while raising local issues and to link up with the alternative policies pronounced by the party.

The conference unanimously elected a 35 member State Committee. State Committee in its first meeting re-elected  G.K Baksi as the State Secretary.

The conference unanimously elected 8 delegates and 2 observers for the 21st Party Congress.