Sitaram Yechury [General Secretary – CPI(M)], D. Raja [General Secretary, CPI],  T. R. Baalu, MP [Parliamentary Party leader, DMK], Praful Patel, MP [NCP], Sharad Yadav [President, Lok Tantrik Janata Dal], Sanjay Singh, MP [AAP], Prof. Manoj Kumar Jha, MP [RJD] had addressed this joint memorandum to the Hon’ble President of India on the communal violence in Delhi.



Respected Rashtrapati ji,


We, the leaders of undersigned political parties, had sought time to meet you to express our anguish and concern at the riots took place in the national capital, Delhi, for three days leaving behind 37 dead, with the count rising and over 200 injured.  These have displaced thousands of people whose homes have been destroyed and properties burnt.  They have been deprived of their basic livelihood.  This is a human suffering of an immense magnitude which has been created by a gang of armed, unruly goons who were allowed to move freely and unhindered by the security forces.  This is condemnable.  This is simply unacceptable in the secular democratic Republic of India that should function under the Indian Constitution.


Since we were informed that you would not be able to meet us between February 28 and March 2, we are addressing this letter making the following submission and seeking your immediate intervention to ensure the following:


1) An immediate establishment of peace and a direction to the concerned authorities like Lt. Governor of Delhi who is directly answerable to you to ensure the speedy restoration of normalcy.  And to ensure that FIR must be filed immediately against all who have made provocative hate speeches and the perpetrators of this violence must be brought to book.


2) Setting up of relief camps for those who have been rendered homeless with required security to prevent any further attacks and adequate supplies of essential commodities for their wellbeing.


3) The announcement of suitable compensation to the families of those who died and those who were injured in these attacks.


4) Adequate compensation for the loss to those whose homes, properties and commercial establishments have been destroyed.


5) Granting permission for some of us who wish to organize  multi interfaith peace in the riot affected areas and to conduct peace marches to strengthen the message of social harmony amongst the people.


6) Since these riots have caused unimaginable mental anguish amongst the people, particularly the children, trauma centres must be opened in the affected areas to deal with such cases.


We, the undersigned, seek your immediate intervention to ensure these measures are undertaken urgently and on a humanitarian basis.  We urge you to impress upon the concerned authorities to allow us to conduct peace marches and constitute peace committees in these areas.


Yours truly




Sitaram Yechury (CPI(M)

D. Raja (CPI)

Prof. Manoj Kumar Jha (RJD)

Praful Patel (NCP)

T. R. Baalu (DMK)

Sharad Yadav (Lok Tantrik Janata Dal)

Sanjay Singh (AAP)