At last, people’s unity and CPI(M)’s determined efforts led to joyous Eid celebrations in Sri Ram Colony and people rejoiced without fear of terror. CPI(M) met the people of the colony, heard out their concerns, raised awareness about those concerns and their voices were heard far and beyond by the common man and much appreciated on social media. Party leader, Brinda Karat, met the police commissioner and LG Najeeb Jung regarding this issue and apprised them of the situation there. The positive result of the efforts made by CPIM was plainly visible when we witnessed the Eid Namaz held in a peaceful and cordial manner. The people were very happy with the way the administration took charge of the situation and ensured that the Eid Namaz happened in a peaceful and uninterrupted manner. Today, during the Namaz, all senior police officers including the commissioner, Mr. Bassi, were present at the venue. This is the first time the people of the colony have ever seen such a senior police officer. However, the RSS had put up a shakha even today and instead of physical exercise, they indulged in provocative activities, which were largely overlooked by the peace loving residents of Sri Ram colony. It is important to highlight that due to the pressure created by the people and the alertness of the administration, the RSS shakha was forced to stop their activities and wrap up before the time of the Eid Namaz which in itself was a huge victory for the peace loving people. RSS had previously planned a huge gathering during that time wherein it would bring in a large number of Karyakartas and disrupt Eid celebrations, However, they were forced to abandon those devious plans. Police and RAF had a huge presence and the police had also arranged for modern technology like drones to keep an eye on the entire venue and its happenings. Even the mainstream media was present to record the today’s proceedings.

When the Imam of Qadri Mazjid, Gulam Muhammad Murtaza addressed the thousands of people who had gathered today for Namaz, he said that today peace and relief prevailed at the Namaz and the entire credit went to CPIM, because it was the timely intervention of their workers and leaders that made this possible. He thanked the CPIM for its efforts.

Today we talked to Yogesh, aged 31, a resident of Sri Ram Colony, who told us that Eid celebrations are very peaceful in this colony and no one had ever raised any objections to the celebrations. People of all communities wish each other Eid Mubarak and together savour the “sevvaiya” of Eid. Similarly, even during Hindu festivals, people wish each other. Yogesh tells us that in the last few years, some karyakartas of RSS, majority of whom are outsiders, have tried to disturb the communal harmony of this locality. He said that the RSS asserts that since they have their Govt. at the centre no one can harm them, come what may, they will not be deterred from putting up the sankha here. They are not concerned about the problems of this locality. Their activities are primarily done to keep the people distracted and keep their attention away from the failures of the Modi Govt.

Rabiya, aged 40 yrs, AIDWA worker, told us that this area has thousands of problems but no one looks into them. Even the AAP MLA of this area has done nothing to solve the problems. On one hand the common man of this area is struggling with the day to day difficulties and on the other hand there is an attempt to vitiate the atmosphere of this area with communal hatred. People of all religions should raise their voices against this.

The women complain that the RSS karyakarta, Radhe Shyam Tiwari, looks at them lecherously and gesticulates in a vulgar manner on seeing them. The women are extremely angry about it. They also said that Tiwari openly tries to indoctrinate the little children and youth with communal poison.

While doing a survey of the locality, at C-block, Sri Ram Colony, we happened to meet some young men from both Hindu and Muslim communities. They were Niket, Prem Prakash, Qayuum and Khalid and were in their early to mid twenties. The, also, reiterated what Yogesh had told us that this had always been a peaceful community but ever since RSS has opened its shakha here, the atmosphere has been filled with tension. They told us that they try to preach communal harmony to the youth of all communities in that area. What the locality really needs is that the administration looks into the real problems they face, for instance, every nook and corner is filled with mounds of garbage, open gutters are overflowing with filth, parks are dirty  and beautification of those parks is a distant dream. The ruling parties not only are not interested in these problems. They, also, try to cash in on this communal disharmony because of which this colony is backward and has not seen any development.

One senior citizen offered his Namaz prayers, came to us and thanked us profusely and said that it is because of us that Namaz could be offered in peace. He said that to keep the peace of the colony constant support and cooperation is required.

Now the question that comes to our minds is this: today the situation was in control, but in the coming days how do we keep up the pressure on the administration to help maintain the peace and harmony of this colony? How do we counter the devious plans of the people who want to fuel communal disharmony in this colony? The need of the hour is to organize a committee consisting of people from all religious communities, who will work tirelessly towards keeping peace and communal harmony in the colony. Along with this, in order to improve the lives of the common people and address the problems of the colony, a constant pressure should be put on the local administrative body and Delhi govt. If people stay focused on achieving the solutions to the problems of the area – be it education or employment and organize themselves into movements, then forces that seek to spread communal venom will stand no chance.