K. N. BALAGOPAL on Indian fishermen problem:


Sir, I want to know whether the Government will take any step to have an inter-Ministerial meeting of all the SAARC countries, because this is related to all the neighbouring countries. Sri Lankan issue is there. Even some boats (of Kerala fishermen) went up to Bangladesh and Pakistan side. So, the same issue was there about Kerala fishermen also. I want to know not about the Sri Lankan Government alone, but also the Enrica Lexie issue, the Italian marines that fired our fishermen. ..(Interruptions).. That is also there.

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: No, no; that is not allowed. …(Interruptions)..


SHRI K.N. BALAGOPAL: Sir, one important point…(Interruptions)..


MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: That is not allowed. …(Interruptions).. You cannot bring such…..(Interruptions)..


SHRI K.N. BALAGOPAL: Sir, I am not….(Interruptions)..


MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: Seek a clarification on this issue. ..(Interruptions).. No. …(Interruptions).. You can raise this issue when the Budget discussion comes, not now. …(Interruptions)..


SHRI K.N. BALAGOPAL: As regards the Statement made by Shri Kiranmay Nanda, it gives a very good picture about the fishermen issue in the country. Sir, now, I want to seek one more clarification. I want to mention one more thing. In future, more attacks may be there if the Meenakumari Commission Report is implemented totally.


Deep sea vessels from other countries will come and catch all the fish in Indian territories or near foreign territories. Now if the fishermen of this country would go and attack the foreign vessels, the issue will become much more serious; and it will turn into an international issue. So, I want to know whether the Government, the Ministry, will look into the seriousness of the Meenakumari Commission Report about the deep sea fishing. That is what I want to ask. (Ends)