The Polit Bureau condemns the senseless killing of a young man in Baramulla yesterday by the security forces. The tragic death of a child by drowning a day earlier in suspicious circumstances had triggered off the fresh round of protests when the police fired leading to the killing of a young man. Only a few days earlier, the all party meeting had called for restraint on the side of the security forces. It is most unfortunate that instead of exercising restraint in this highly emotionally charged atmosphere, such killings as that in Baramulla continue.

The all party meeting had also called for a credible inquiry into the circumstances which has led to the deaths of civilians in the recent days. But the process for such an inquiry has still not started. At the same time there are disturbing reports of young people being harassed by security forces in different places. This must stop.

The CPI(M) calls on the Government to stop its excessive reliance on administrative measures. The Central Government must initiate a dialogue with all organizations representing all shades of opinion. The political process of dialogue must start without delay.