The Secretariat of the Kerala State Committee of the CPI(M) in a statement has said that the rule of law has collapsed in Kerala under the UDF rule and mafia dons have taken over the role of the police. Even people are not safe in their homes. In the 32 month long of UDF rule, over 13.58 lakh crimes have been registered in the state. Under the LDF rule, the state was ranked number one crime free state.  Under the UDF rule, political murders have become the order of the day in Kerala. Last week has seen a number of murders in different parts of the state.

 “The recent spate of murders and attacks across the state has unleashed a scene of terror across the state,” the statement said.

In the last two days, there have been five shocking murders in Kerala and most of the victims were killed in their own homes. This shows that the people of Kerala are not safe even in their own homes. Women are not safe even within the confines of their own homes. Under the UDF rule, over 260 women have been murdered in the state, the state secretariat statement pointed out.  

Sreeraj, a DYFI activist from Kottarakkara, Kollam district was brutally murdered by RSS goons on April 15, 2014. Armed RSS goons stormed into his home and attacked the thirty year old Sreeraj, who was a CPI (M) branch member,   and his father, while both of them were working in their carpentry workshop at their home. Both were injured seriously. Sreeraj died shortly after in a nearby hospital while, his father Rajendran Achari is battling for his life.

On the same day Kerala Congress state secretariat member Joseph J Njavalli (61) was killed in front of his family members in the broad daylight. A personal grudge is said to be the motive for the killing. Joseph was a leader of Kerala Congress in Kanjirapalli area in Kottayam district, and he had actively participated in the Lok Sabha election campaign of the UDF candidate. The suspect Chamakkala Antony has surrendered to the police.

The government has been a failure in providing protection to the lives and assets of people. Criminal-mafia-quotation groups are ruling Kerala. The police, which are expected to provide safety to people are divided, hence rendering it ineffective.

Why should such a government continue? The Secretariat appealed to the people from all sections to come together to generate strong public opinion against this ineffective government.

April 18, 2014