Reaction of Pinarayi Vijayan, Member. Polit Bureau, on the results of the local body elections in Kerala:

The results of the local body elections, is a verdict against corruption and communal tendencies. The people of Kerala realized that the Left Democratic Front should be more powerful in order to protect secularism in the country. This realization is reflected in this election results. The result is a big blow to the Congress Party.  It also gives a message that we should be more vigilant against the slightest move from the part of the communalist forces to injure the secular fabric of the nation. BJP which dreamed that it could make advancement in the state through the unholy alliance with Vellappally Natesan and through communal polarization has failed miserably. But they have made some electoral gains in some pockets in the state. This shows the necessity of rallying the masses under the slogan of secularism. Through this election the LDF has further advanced in the state, both in the rural and urban centers. This victory gives us energy to surge ahead in unity in building a New Kerala.