The Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) expresses its deep grief at the loss of life and grievous injuries caused by the collapse of an under-construction flyover in Kolkata.   The Polit Bureau conveys its deep condolences to the families of those who have lost their life in this tragedy. 


For two full days, the CPI(M) and its mass organizations were actively involved in providing relief to the victims.  A blood donation camp was organized to provide fresh blood to those injured and languishing in the hospitals. 


There are now reports in the media indicating a nexus between the ruling Trinamul Congress and the sub-contractors who were assigned various works in connection with construction of this flyover.  It has now become imperative that there should be a time-bound high level independent enquiry into the causes of this tragedy.  This is necessary to establish the culpability and, on that basis, to punish the guilty. 


The Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) demands that such an investigation be conducted immediately by constituting this independent enquiry committee.