At Muzaffar Ahmed Birth anniversary, Left Leaders Call For Big Struggle Against NaMo style ‘Right wing Policies, At Centre and in State

Kolkata: August 5 –  ‘What is happening in the country is communal fascism  in the disguise corporate style’, Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, CPI(M) Polit Bureau member said while speaking on the occasion of  126th Birth Anniversary celebrations of ‘Kakababu’ Muzaffar Ahmad  in Kolkata, organized by the CPI(M) West Bengal State Committee.

He said that the political situation has taken a negative turn after the last Lok Sabha elections, as a rightward shift has occurred in the country. The BJP‘s ascent to power should be seen as a continuation of the Gujarat riots, Advani‘s Rathayatra and Babri demolition. Communal fascism in the disguise of corporate style has set in the country. The Corporate lobby which has been instrumental in voting Namo to power is craving for more profits. Never before has such a raj of national and foreign capital been seen in the country, he said. It is being said that the foreign capital will save the country. Now a strong rightward shift in the economy is being advocated whereby public sector units are being disinvested, in Bank, insurance sector FDI limit is being increased. We have to launch whole hearted protests against this rightward shift in the economy being propagated by them.

Referring to the situation in UP, Bhattacharya said that throughout the state, communal polarization is being engineered. This is what had got the BJP so many seats in UP, he said. The person who had been instrumental in doing this is now the President of the BJP.

West Bengal has backtracked more than decade as far as industrialization goes since the formation of the TMC Government, Bhattacharya said. Law and order is in a terrible condition in the state. The Left is preparing to wage a big battle against this.

Recalling that Muzaffar Ahmad had great confidence in ideology, Bhattacharya called for an ideological struggle against the RSS. Under no circumstances will we compromise with the RSS, we will not adhere to the dictate of Big Capital and their intervention, he said. Capitalism means  Blood, Sweat And War and without the bearers of the red flag there  are force in this world who can combat this.

Speaking in the programme, Biman Basu CPI(M) State Secretary too highlighted  the fact that the Modi Government has taken a rightward shift turn with emphasis on  disinvestment, PPP model. He retraced the life and works of comrade Muzaffar Ahmad, one of the founders of the communist movement in the Indian subcontinent. He also called for forging people’s unity against the divisive ploy of the communal forces.

In his speech, Polit Bureau member Suryakanta Mishra pointed out that what Narendra Modi is doing in the Centre, the same is being implemented in West Bengal. Chief Minister of West Bengal is antidemocratic and has started an attack on the livelihood of the common man. He summarized the attacks in three categories. Firstly, the attack on democracy, secondly the attack on secularism and unity of people and thirdly attack on livelihood of people. To thwart the attacks, he said, we have to use four ways: ideology, politics, organization and struggle.

In the programme The Muzaffar Ahmad Memorial prize was given to   departed historian Amalendu Dey for his remarkable work on tracing the descendents of the last independent Nawab of Bengal Sirajuddulla.   IPTA singers presented their songs at the start of the programme. Noted Singer Purabi Mukherjee, Shubhaprasad Nandi Majumdar performed at the start of the programme.