Leader of the Opposition in the Bengal Assembly, Surjyakanta Mishra led a Left delegation into Lavpur, Birbhum, the site of the most bizarre and horrifying incident of gang rape he said,”..this was unprecedented in the state of Bengal. It is a matter of shame that the highest court of the land had to intervene in the matter. It is a matter of great shame that this news has spread not only across the country but the whole world. The state government, however, does not seem to share this sense of shame.”
The left delegation visited Siuri Hospital, met the victim and her mother and discussed the progress of the girl’s health with the Hospital Superintendent. Speaking to the press in Subalpar village, he said this was not a ‘Kangaroo court’ of just Adivasis, but had non-Adivasi Panchayat members of the ruling party. He assured the villagers that if the investigation failed to answer all the questions and the criminals attempted to be shielded, the Left Front would fight alongside the villagers and uncover the truth.