Left Front takes out candlelight vigil against 72 year missionary rape  at Ranaghat of West Bengal


Hundreds of Left Front activists being led by  Left Front Chairman Biman Basu and  CPI(M) State Secretary Dr Surya Kanta MIshra ,Kolkata district Left Front Convenor Dilip Sen , RSP leader Manoj Bhattacharya , Forward Bloc leader  Jayanta Roy , CPI leader Prabir Deb, took out a candle light vigil in the heart of the city against the brutal  gang rape of 72 year  old Sister Superior of  a Convent school of Ranaghat  of West Bengal on 18th March 2015.  The rally, which started  from Rawdon  Street ,was organized by Kolkata District Left Front  and was participated  by Left Front activists who today armed with candles  joined the Silent Rally depicting their hatred towards the perpetrators of the crime  and towards the attitude of the Chief Minister while facing the protesters barely 48 hours earlier at Ranaghat. Later meeting with the press at Entally Market ,where the march culminated, Left Front Chairman  Biman Basu said that the CBI probe sought by the State Government is the result of the inability of the state government to nab the culprit even after so many hours.  Furthermore the Central Government had sought reports within 48 hours and the State Government’s inability to nab the culprits has blackened the face of the state towards the country and the world . . (Mentionable that the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has tweeted  today afternoon that  the State Government will seek CBI probe over the incident – Notably after the failure of the state Police CID to nab the culprits  within 4days even after video footage is  available exposing the culprits)

Biman Basu  said “she has ordered the probe after seeing that there is no other alternatives available to her .  ‘Seeking a CBI probe is not a matter of tweet ‘  ‘She has to write to the  Central Government telling that her police has not been able to crack the case “  It signifies  a very bad day ahead for all of us as the state police has turned to a paper tiger  “ Police is now an obliged servant to the ruling party as the Woman security is being violated time and again  The Chief Minister had told that the Park Street raped incident as  a “ created incident”  The raped woman “ Suzette “ has died recently  but she is yet to get justice. This is the condition of the state“, Left Front Chairman Biman Basu said after the Candlelight vigil rally .

 Earlier in the day  CPI(M) Leader Suryakanta MIshra   tweeted “ Has the CBI agreed to probe Nun Rape? Denial  to arrest rapists and act against the cops Sleeping over the Complaint a week before rape “  . Later  also Suryakanta Mishra  questioned as to whether  the cops who forget their duty and sat over a complaint filed by the  Missionaries of the convent, 7 days before the incident will also be probed. Left Front Chairman too ascribed the State Government seeking the CBI probe to the huge public outcry in the state, country and world over the heinous incident and to the comments made by the Arch BIshop of Kolkata  Thomas Dsouza  and the fact that the Pope’ s representative is slated to come to the city of Kolkata and visit Ranaghat Convent.