Press Release

The Central Committee of the CPI(M), now in session in New Delhi, has adopted the following statement:

On Victory in Tripura Elections

The Central Committee of the CPI(M) warmly greets the people of Tripura who have created history. First by 92 per cent polling which is a record for the country and then delivering more than 80 per cent of the seats to the CPI(M) and the Left Front. The Left Front has won 49 out of the 60 seats in the assembly compared to 41 in the last assembly. The stage has been set for the sixth Left Front government in the state.

The Central Committee congratulates the CPI(M) and Left Front cadres and activists for their remarkable success. Due to the outstanding record of the Left Front government, all sections of the working people, tribal and non-tribal and even supporters of the Congress have extended support to the Party. The people have rejected the opportunist alliance of the Congress with the extremist INPT.

The Central Committee is confident that the new Left Front government will continue the work of developing the state and raising the living standards of the people.