Press Release

The Left Parties have sent a letter to the Prime Minister on the stand India should take on the Iran nuclear issue at the International Atomic Energy Agency. The text of the letter dated January 27, 2006 is given below.


Shri Manmohan Singh

Prime Minister

Government of India

New Delhi

Dear Dr. Manmohan Singhji,

We are addressing you in furtherance of our note dated October 27, 2005 regarding the Iran nuclear issue.

A point of criticality is arising when the International Atomic Energy Agency’s Board of Governors takes up the issue in Vienna on February 2.

A consensus opinion is lacking in the IAEA. There is profound disquiet in the international community, especially Russia, China and the countries of the Non-Aligned Movement that the United States, instead of being supportive of efforts aimed at optimally exploring the avenues of a negotiated settlement within the framework of the IAEA, is precipitating a United Nations Security Council referral.

The US strategy holds disturbing parallels with the Iraq crisis in the 2002-03 period in so far as a calibrated build up of confrontation was eventually seized as pretext for making unilateral moves against Iraq’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The Russian-Iranian discussions in Moscow on February 16 ought to proceed without hindrance. Moreover, IAEA Director General’s report on cooperation with Iran is still awaited.

Apart from these considerations, India cannot but factor its traditionally friendly ties with Iran, which has immense potential of expansion in various mutually beneficial directions, especially in the field of energy cooperation, that will also strengthen regional stability on the whole.

A principled Indian position that upholds the need to seek a resolution of the Iran nuclear issue through negotiations within the framework of the IAEA will contribute towards averting an escalation of tensions in an already volatile region that is not only strategically vital but where several million Indian nationals live and work.

Our considered opinion continues to be that in consonance with the UPA government’s commitment to the pursuit of an independent foreign policy, if a consensus is lacking on the issue at the IAEA meeting, India should abstain.

With warm regards,

Yours sincerely



Prakash Karat

General Secretary, CPI(M)

A. B. Bardhan

General Secretary, CPI

Debabrata Biswas

General Secretary, AIFB

Abani Roy

Secretary, RSP