Press Release
The representatives of the Left Parties – Prakash Karat (CPI-M), A. B. Bardhan (CPI), Debabrata Biswas (AIFB) and Prasanta Mazumdar (RSP) – who spoke at the all parties meeting on Kashmir made the following points:
1.      They expressed their sorrow and anguish at the death of more than 80 people in the police firings in the valley in the past three months. They called for a halt to the method of policing which had led to the deaths of large number of people due to firing. There should be a distinction made in handling stone pelting crowds and tackling violence by the militants and terrorist activities. 
2.      Many of the young men in jail arrested during this period should be released if they are not facing any serious charges.   Steps should be taken to provide relief for the large number of people injured and those permanently incapacitated. 
3.      Measures should be taken for providing economic relief for the continuous disruption of business and economic activities in the valley with special emphasis on providing employment.
4.      There should be accountability for the security forces. Action should be taken on excesses and human rights violations. The army is not deployed or in use in various areas. Pending the question of amending the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, the Disturbed Areas proclamation be revoked from Srinagar and other centres which will make the AFSPA redundant in these areas. 
5.      The political process should begin and dialogue should be initiated with all sections in the state. For this, an all party delegation should be sent to Kashmir to hear the views of different sections of the people.