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Communist Party of India
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Revolutionary Socialist Party

September 6, 2018
Press Statement

Left Parties Call

All India Protest Hartal on September 10

Unprecedented economic burdens are being mounted on the people by this Modi government.  The exponentially rising  prices of petroleum products is having a crippling effect on the livelihood of crores of Indians.  The farmers, already groaning under mounting  agrarian distress, see their production costs further escalated.  This price rise has a cascading all-round inflationary impact.  This is contributing to a further economic slowdown reducing existing employment, leave alone creating any new opportunities.  The unprecedented fall in the value of the Indian rupee reflects the deep economic crisis created by this Modi government.  Such economic attacks on the people come on top of the vicious communal-authoritarian onslaughts mounted by this Modi government. 

While the peasantry all over the country has been demanding the promised remunerative price and loan waiver, the Modi government callously refuses. On the other hand, it shows largesse of waiving off loans taken by the corporates during the last four years of nearly Rs. 4 lakh crores.  Humongous amounts of loans taken from our banks by the corporates  and the consequent NPAs has bled our banking system.  Such crony capitalism is also evident in the various deals, like the Rafael fighter aircraft purchase scam, that is fast unfolding.  Obdurate rejection of any enquiry into this deal only reconfirms the scam.  Black money, instead of recovering, as promised, has been legitimized.   All efforts to divert  people’s attention away from these monumental failures by spreading an atmosphere of hate, violence and indiscriminate arrests of activists will not succeed.

In protest against this situation, the Left parties have decided to call for a nationwide hartal on September 10.  Left parties call upon the people to join this protest in a big way to demonstrate people’s rejection of the Modi government and its policies.