Press Statement

The CPI(M), CPI, RSP and Forward Bloc have issued the following statement:
On Solidarity with Palestinian People

The Left parties express their strong disapproval at the manner in which Israel, the United States and the European Union have stopped funds to the Palestinian Authority. This decision has been taken after Hamas won the elections and formed the government. Israel has halted the monthly transfer to the Palestinian Authority of around $ 50 million that it collects on behalf of the Palestinians. These funds were going for payment of salaries of the government employees and funding other essential services.

This diabolical policy of blockading and starving an entire people into submission is immoral and illegal. The Palestinian people are being punished for exercising their democratic right to elect their representatives. There can be differences with the Hamas on its ideology and platform, but to inflict sufferings on the Palestinian people makes a mockery of the United States and European Union’s claim to uphold democracy.

Contrary to this anti-Palestinian stand, Russia, Iran and Qatar have announced financial assistance to the Palestinian Authority.

It is surprising that the UPA government has kept silent about this new onslaught on the Palestinian people. The Manmohan Singh government should not allow its ties with Israel to affect the long standing and firm commitment of the secular forces in India to the Palestinian cause.
The Left parties urge the UPA government to immediately come out against the financial blockade of the Palestinian people and extend concrete assistance to the Palestinian Authority.