Left Parties Statement

October 2, 2018

October 2, 2018

Press Statement


Leaders of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), Communist Party of India, Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)-Liberation have issued the following statement:


Rafale Scam: JPC Probe Must

The mega scam in the purchase of the Rafale fighter jet planes must be probed by a Joint Parliamentary Committee.  The needle of suspicion points directly towards the Prime Minister.


We extend our support to the week-long protest actions called by the Jan Ekta Jan Adhikar Andolan from October 22 to 27 against corruption of this Modi government.


In consultation with other Left Parties, a nationwide protest action call will be given exposing this mega scam and demanding punishment of the guilty.


Condemn Police Action Against Kisans

We condemn the  brutal attack on protesting farmers in the outskirts of Delhi.  This police action, once again, demonstrates the anti-kisan attitude of the Modi government.  Prime Minister Modi had betrayed all promises he made to the kisans at the time of the 2014 elections. On the contrary, his policies have deepened agrarian distress forcing thousands of kisans to commit distress suicides due to debt burden.


Condemn Cold-Blooded Murder in Uttar Pradesh

We strongly condemn the cold-blooded murder of a 38-year old Apple Executive, Vivek Tiwari in Lucknow.  Stringent action must be taken against police personnel who are spreading such lawlessness and murdering people.  This murder comes soon after the `encounter’ in Aligarh where two innocent people were murdered.  The media was invited to witness this `Encounter Raj’ episode.


False Allegations Nailed

In a welcome development, the Delhi High Court has squashed the remand transfer and ended the house arrest of Gautam Navakha, one of the five detained in connection with a case over the violence in Bhima-Koregaon.  The withdrawal comes in the light of the court’s observation that the detention was untenable  and non-compliant with the basic provisions of the Constitution.  This nails the lie of the campaign launched by the RSS-BJP on the specious plea of these five activists being “urban naxals”.



Left parties Statement

August 8, 2009

Press Release

A meeting of the Left Parties was held today at New Delhi. They have issued the following statement:

On Iran Issue

The Left Parties strongly reiterated their stand that India should not support any resolution referring Iran to the UN Security Council at the IAEA Board meeting. The Left Parties decided to write to the Prime Minister regarding the stand India should take at the forthcoming Board meeting on February 2 and 3, 2006.

In this connection, the Left Parties expressed their strong resentment at the US Ambassador’s arrogant effort to influence India’s stand on the Iran issue.

The Left Parties requested the UPA government to make public the proposals handed over to the United States about the separation of civilian and military nuclear facilities. It is unfair to keep such a vital issue away from public scrutiny.

FDI in Retail Trade

The Left Parties strongly opposed the decision of the government to allow 51 per cent FDI in retail trade for single brand goods. This is a precursor to opening up the retail trade fully to foreign companies. The Left Parties had submitted a note in November 2005 to the UPA-Left Coordination Committee arguing against such a move. Without replying to this note, the government has gone ahead. It is surprising that the government has taken this decision within a few days of the AICC session in Hyderabad. In the AICC resolution on economic affairs, in the section pertaining to retail trade, there is no mention of allowing FDI in this sector. Despite this, the government has taken this step.

The Left Parties decided to contact the retail trade merchants’ organisations and to appeal to all sections so that a countrywide protest action can be organised against this step.

Airport Privatisation

The Left Parties objected to the way the Delhi and Mumbai airports are being handed over to certain private parties for modernisation bypassing procedures in the bidding process. Even the Sreedharan Committee’s recommendations are being ignored.

The Left Parties demanded that the Airport Authority of India be asked to modernise both the airports as it is fully competent to do so.

Government Mints and Presses

The Left Parties urged the government of India not to go ahead with the corporatisation of the government mints and presses which are engaged in printing currency notes and minting coins. This sovereign function should remain with the State.

The meeting was attended by A. B. Bardhan, Prakash Karat, Debabrata Biswas, D. Raja, Pallab Sengupta and Devarajan.