Sitaram Yechury, General Secretary of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has written a letter to the Chief Election Commissioner, Election Commission of India today regarding the issue of Union Home Minister directly trying to influence the conduct of Tripura Assembly elections.

The full text of the letter along with the annexure is being released herewith.


Text of the letter of Shri Sitaram Yechury, General Secretary of CPI(M) submitted to the Election Commission of India

Dear Sir,

I am forwarding a letter addressed and sent to you by the Secretary, CPI(M) Tripura State Committee.

This is a very serious issue which concerns the conduct of the Union Home Minister in trying to directly influence the conduct of elections for the Tripura Assembly. You will recall that in our meeting with the full Election Commission last afternoon, we had expressed our apprehensions about such a possibility involving the Union Home Minister. You had assured us that the Election Commission is fully geared to meet all eventualities in ensuring a free and fair election. However, this development as reported in the media has taken place despite that assurance. We urge you to initiate urgent action to undo the impact which is clearly a violation of the Model Code of Conduct. We also expect that the Election Commission of India will take report from the special observers and fix responsibility on the BJP and other important election officials who met the Union Home Minister.

In anticipation of a prompt and appropriate action.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

(Sitaram Yechury)
General Secretary

Text of the letter of Shri Jitendra Choudhury, Secretary of Tripura State Committee of CPI(M) submitted to the Chief Election Commissioner

Date: 14th February, 2023

Subject: Secret meeting of Union Home Minister with State Election Authority and DGP.      

Dear Sir,

I am enclosing herewith a news-cutting of ‘Syandan Patrika’ dated 14th February, 2023 under caption “Rater Andhakare Officerder Sathe Shah’r Gopan Sabha Keno? –Congress” (Why did Shah meet in secret meeting with the officers in the darkness of night ? –Congress) quoting the press briefing held in the evening on 13th February, 2023 by Sri Gourab Gogoi, Congress M.P.  

Sri Gogoi made a serious allegation that, the Union Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah during his visit in Tripura exclusively for election campaign, secretly met a batch of top officials of police administration including DGP of the state and the Election Department on 11th February night.

At a time, when all the stakeholders including the electors in general are very much worried about violence-free fair poll, such secret meeting just 3 days before the poll date violating the electoral norms has furthered apprehension whether any blue print has been chalked out in this secret meeting to manipulate the election by any means.

I strongly request you to order a high level investigation on this allegation and on the event any prima-face reveals in the investigation, first remove the officials from election duty and then departmental proceedings may be drawn against the alleged officials.
                        Yours Sincerely,
Jitendra Choudhury 
Secretary,  Tripura State  Committee

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1. CEO, Tripura , Agartala