In a letter submitted to the Election Commission of India today, CPI(M) Polit Bureau Member, Nilotpal Basu has raised concerns with regard to the deployment of police forces of Gujarat and Assam in Tripura where assembly elections are scheduled, replacing the Border Security Force. The Party has demanded that only central para military forces should be deployed.

The Party has also drawn the attention of the ECI towards the chaotic situation which emerged in conducting of the postal ballot. It has also demanded the removal of Rahul Das, SDPO, Bishalgarh who is facing serious allegations and has FIRs lodged against him.

The full text of the letter alongwith annexures is being released herewith.



Text of the letter of Shri Nilotpal Basu, member of Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) submitted to the Election Commission of India

Dear Sir,

We were greatly reassured by the tone of urgency by the Election Commission of India on the holding of a free and fair election for the Assembly in Tripura in an atmosphere free of fear and terror. In our interaction with the full commission on January 19, 2023, the sense of reassurance was further confirmed.

But now certain developments are causing concern. Firstly, we have been given to understand that detachments of Assam police and the Gujarat police have been deployed for maintaining law and order, in some cases replacing the Border Security Force (BSF) units, whose conduct was inspiring the confidence of the people. The deployment of the other state police forces is unusual. More so, as this is not a general election; and implicitly requiring far less security forces which should normally be required in addition to Central security forces. The Assam Chief Minister is virtually camping in Tripura and therefore, the appearance of Assam police causes concern. Equally, the deployment of Gujarat police from the other corner of the country to this tiny North Eastern state is bound to be perceived as an extraneous factor for influencing the poll outcome. We, therefore, urge you that the conduct of a free and fair poll is also seen as such and ensure that only Central forces are deployed.

We also draw your attention to the chaotic situation which emerged in conducting of the postal ballot. The letter of the secretary of the Tripura State Committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) is attached herewith which will provide you the precise details (Annexure 1).

We are also drawing your attention to the deployment of Shri Rahul Das, SDPO, Bishalgarh. He is charged with several serious allegations under provisions of CrPC. This is irregular and in contravention of the convention followed during the course of elections. We are hereby forwarding the letter by the CPI(M) State Secretary (Annexure 2) and demand his removal from the current responsibility.

We hope that the Commission will address these issues with the urgency that they warrant. This is all the more necessary in the light of the reassurance given by the Commission.

Thanking you,
With regards,

(Nilotpal Basu)
Member, Polit Bureau, CPI(M) 


Annexure 1

Letter of the Secretary of the Tripura State Committee of CPI(M) submitted to Chief Electoral Officer, Tripura on the chaotic condition in postal ballot voting

Date: 9th February, 2023
Dear Sir,

    From most of the Sub-Divisions, it is reported that total chaotic conditions are prevailing in the premises of EDC voting Counters.
1. Some of the polling staff being disgusted of long waiting are going back without voting.
2. Many of the polling staff when approaches to the counter for voting after waiting in queue for long hours, are informed that their Ballot has not yet reached. 
3. In some centres, voting is held up for long period for shortage of ballot papers.
4. Many Micro-Observers who are staying at the place of their election duty are asked to go back to their home Sub-Division instantly for voting.
5. In Sonamura Sub-Division and some other centers, undeletable ink is not used on the finger who voted in EDC centre.
6. Earlier never in the state, voting centers for polling staff had confronted such a chaotic circumstance .
In am in doubt, there is an intentional mechanism working to deprive large number of  polling staff of their right to vote in this election.
I request you to ensure polling of each and every polling staff including the Motor Workers of the vehicles hired by the Election Department, if necessary with extension of the schedule of the EDC voting.

          Yours Sincerely,                                  

  Secretary, CPI(M)                             Tripura State  Committee

Copy to: 
1. Chief  Election Commissioner, Nirvachan Sadan, New Delhi 

Annexure 2

Letter of the secretary of the Tripura State Committee of CPI(M) to Chief Election Commissioner, Election Commission of India demanding removal of Shri Rahul Das, SDPO, Bishalgarh PS

Date: 9th February, 2023
Dear Sir,

Earlier, on two occasions (first on 30th January and later on 5th February, 2023)  I raised objection against Sri Rahul Das, SDPO, Bishalgarh  and demanded to his removal from the present post for his partisan role. Now he is an accused person in FIR No. 15/2023, Bishalgarh  PS under the direction of  SDJM, Bishalgarh  dated 4th February, 2023.  The sections of  Cr.Pc under which he is accused are as follows:

Section  307-Attempt to murder
Section  147-Rioting
Section  148-Rioting with deadly weapon
Section  149-Unlawful assembly
Section  134-Abetment in assault
Section  109-Offers or accepts bribe as public servant
Section  184-Obstruction against sale of property
Section  120B-Party to criminal conspiracy.
Section  435-intenstional arson 
Section 427-subsequent sentence to offender
Section 125-Arms Act. Acquire, carry prohibited arms
Section  30F- Causing explosion of explosive substance.

It is surprising that, an officer who is accused of so many serious criminal sections is still continuing in his post and carrying on election duty also.  
Firstly, Being a highest authority of the Sub-Divisional police administration, this FIR cannot be investigated by any officer under the supervision of Sri Das, who himself is the accused.

Secondly, as the FIR was lodged under the direction of the Court, it should investigated by an independent Higher Police official only after removing Sri Das from this post.

            Yours Sincerely,    
  Secretary, CPI(M)
                                           Tripura State  Committee

Copy to: 1. CEO, Tripura , Agartala,  2. DGP, Tripura , Agartala