Press Release
Following is the text of the letter addressed to the Prime Minister by the General Secretaries of the CPI(M) and CPI on April 30, 2011 demanding a judicial enquiry by a sitting Supreme Court judge to unravel the whole truth about the Purulia arms drop.
Dear Shri Manmohan Singhji,
We are writing to you regarding the Purulia arms drop in West Bengal which took place in December 1995. Recently two of the persons involved in the affair Niels Nielsen alias Kim Davy and Peter Bleach have been talking to the media and providing information and making some allegations regarding the arms drop and how it was planned.
You may be aware that Kim Davy is the prime accused in the case and whom the CBI is trying to get extradited to stand trial in India. However, the same person has provided some startling information on how he was able to escape from the Mumbai airport after the plane which was involved in the airdrop was intercepted and asked to land there.
Though sixteen years have elapsed and some of the accused were sentenced in the trial conducted in a Kolkata court, much remains to be cleared up about this incident which was a serious assault on our country’s sovereignty and security. It concerns a conspiracy to unleash violence against the then elected state government of West Bengal. It is also a case which had international ramifications along with the role of an organisation like the Ananda Marg, which was once banned by the Government of India.
We, therefore think it is necessary to have a comprehensive probe into the whole affair. For this we request you to constitute a judicial enquiry by a sitting Supreme Court judge. Only such an enquiry can help to bring out the whole truth about the Purulia arms drop.
(Prakash Karat)
(A.B. Bardhan)
General Secretary
General Secretary
Communist Party of India (Marxist)
Communist Party of India