Left Parties Write to the Prime Minister on Manipur Situation

Dr. Manmohan Singh

Hon’ble Prime Minister

Government of India

New Delhi

Shri Manmohan Singh Ji,

We have discussed the worsening situation in Manipur. Despite the best efforts made by the state government to overcome the economic blockade started on NH 39 and HN 53 by ANSAM, the situation has not improved. The blockade continues. The same organisation called “ANSAM” has claimed responsibility for breaking the bridges on NH 53.

Essential commodities are not reaching the state. It is said rice is selling at Rs. 50 a kg and a litre of diesel at Rs. 80. It is as if the people of Manipur are in a state of siege.

Therefore we urge upon the Central government to intervene in the present impasse in Manipur and extend full security and protection to the two NH 39 and 53 and ensure that road and other communications are restored, normalcy returns and people of Manipur are rescued from the current hardships.
With regards

Yours Sincerely
A.B. Bardhan, General Secretary, CPI

Prakash Karat, General Secretary, CPI(M)

Abano Roy, Secretary, RSP

Debabrata Biswas, General Secretary, AIFB