Following the huge people‚Äôs mandate, the Left Front has won the Mayor and Chairperson’s posts in the Siliguri Municipal Corporation. The elections for these two key posts would have been a formality because the LF had a majority. But the TMC, without having enough numbers, started conspiring to subvert the mandate. It started a bout of nasty horse trading in the last few days. But these nefarious attempts were firmly rebuffed and the Left Front, under the leadership of Ashok Bhattacharya, formed the Board.

In the Mayor and Chairman Elections held today after taking of oath, BJP and Congress Councilors walked out from the house. The winning equation for the Left Front became quite assured despite all TMC shenanigans. Ashok Bhattacharya got 24 expected votes while the TMC candidate Nantu Pal got just 16 votes. Dilip Singh was elected as Chairman of Siliguri Corporation.

Earlier, in the Siliguri Municipal Corporation election held on 25th April the TMC could manage just 17 seats in contrast to Left Front getting 23 seats. Arabinda Ghosh won as an independent candidate and declared his support for the Left Front. Congress bagged just four and BJP bagged two seats.


After winning the election Ashok Bhattacharya congratulated and dedicated the victory to the people of Siliguri. He has assured fulfilling all commitments mentioned in the Let Front manifesto. CPI(M) Darjeeling Secretary and Chairman District Left Front Committee Jibesh Sarkar congratulated the people of Siliguri saying that this is a victory of democracy against Trinamool conspiracy. The Siliguri win will motivate people all over the state. 

Left Front Chairman Biman Basu and CPI(M) State Secretary Surya Kanta Misra congratulated the people of Siliguri saying that despite Trinamool conspiracy people of Siliguri have established democracy in Siliguri with the victory of Left Front.