March 10, 2018

Press Release


The Tripura Left Front Committee has decided to withdraw from the election in 19-Charilam (ST) Assembly Constituency in Tripura.


We are herewith releasing the text of the letter sent to the Chief Electoral Officer, Tripura by the Convenor of Tripura Left Front Committee.



Text of the Letter to Chief Electoral Officer, Tripura


Subject: withdrawing from election in 19-Charilam (ST) A/C scheduled on 12th March. 




In reference to the Left Front Memorandum submitted to you on 8th March 2018 seeking postponement of the election in 19-Charilam (ST) A/C, we like to inform you the latest situation in the area of that constituency and our decision in this regard.


In our earlier Memorandum submitted to you on 8th March last, we had categorically mentioned the names of 11 party office of CPI(M) and RSP either ransacked, looted, occupied or set on fire. We also mentioned about forcible occupation of two TMSU (Tripura Motor Shramik Union) offices in that constituency. In addition, the Memorandum had a list of 58 names of CPI(M) and other left party leaders, cadres and supporters whose houses were attacked, ransacked and looted.  19 left leaders and cadres were reported to be physically assaulted in that Memorandum.


The situation during last two days, instead of improvement, has further deteriorated. On 8th March last, at Madhya Brajapur, straw stake of one Nanigopal Deb, left supporter was set on fire. Two Rubber Plantations of Kishore Debbarma and Rabindra Debbarma of Bagnshibari village were completely gutted. At Brajapur, Rice Mill of one Surajit Das, left supporter was set on fire.   No party office, including the CPI(M) and RSP District Committee Offices at Bishramganj,  under 19-Charilam(ST) constituency area is in a position to function at present,  because all of those were vandalised, ransacked or gutted. All the Booth offices of the CPI(M) of this constituency were demolished by the BJP miscreants.  Large numbers of left supporters were bound to stay outside due to threat perception from the BJP hoodlums. Huge amount of money are being extorted from the left supporters families under duress. The CPI(M) candidate though a resident of Charilam A/C area is compelled to stay outside. He is not in a position to move in the Constituency area even with security cover. The campaign period is going to be over at 4.00 p.m. today. Any election held in such a situation, that would be nothing but a one-sided exercise and we are sure,  it would be a mockery in the name of democracy.


Since our appeal for postponement of the election of 19-Charilam(ST) A/C till the restoration of normalcy  has not been considered by the Election Commission of India basing on the ground reality,  Tripura Left Front Committee in its meeting held at 12.00 Noon on 10th March 2018, has unanimously decided to withdraw the Left Front sponsored CPI(M) candidate from this election and this is for your kind information please.     



                                       Thanking you,                                          

                Yours sincerely,


                            (Bijan Dhar)

                       Secretary, CPI(M)

                 Tripura State Committee



               Tripura Left Front Committee