Mammoth mass rally at Agartala marks the beginning of CPI(M) 21st Tripura State Conference

Agartala, 25th February: A huge mass meeting at Swami Vivekananda Stadium marked the beginning of the CPI(M)’s 21st Tripura State Conference.

Slogan shouting colorful rallies filled up the stadium bearing the heat of February.

CPI(M) General Secretary Prakash Karat addressing the meeting said the 9 months of Modi govt. has shown the Achchedin has arrived for the big corporate houses while one after another attacks are being launched on the toiling masses. In just one year the asset of Adani has increased by Rupees 25000 corers.  On the other hand the Modi Govt is issuing ordinances to denationalize coal, open up insurance sector for the US companies and the land ordinance has been brought to snatch away the rights of the peasants.

Karat said, another aspect of the rightwing offensive is the communal activities of the RSS who are targeting the minorities, attacking the churches as part of their agenda of building Hindu Rastra. CPI(M) has decided to counter the Right Wing offensive and for that a broad unity of the left and democratic forces and left and democratic  alternative has to be built. For that enhancing the strength of CPI(M) is a pre condition. Karat said , the left front govt and left movement of Tripura is at the forefront of the left & democratic  movement of the country. We shall mobilize the entire left and democratic forces of the country in defence of the left movement of Tripura.

CPI(M) PB Members Biman Basu, Brinda Karat and Manik Sarkar , Party Sate Secretary Bijan Dhar too addressed the meeting.

Biman Basu said Tripura is working as the light house for the entire country. He said in future we shall have to fight against the corrupt and anti people policies of both Congress and BJP.

Brinda Karat said RSS is Rashtriya Sarvanash Samiti trying to divide on political lines. The entire party will fought for the cause of the poor, downtrodden and the socially oppressed people.

Manik Sarkar said in the ensuing  ADC election Congress BJP, INPT, IPFT shall try to join hands. We must not be complacent and work hard to ensure victory of Left Front in all the 28 seats in the ADC elction.

CC Members Aghar Debbarma presided on the meeting. Before the meeting Prakash Karat hosted the flag of the conference.