The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has issued the following statement:

The horrific atrocity in Manipur against two tribal women of stripping, parading and gangrape of one of them along with the murder of two family members who tried to save her, has outraged the country. The BJP government of Manipur is directly implicated in providing impunity to the perpetrators of this atrocity as its police took no action even though the FIR was lodged with tremendous courage by the victims’ families within two weeks of the incident. For two and a half months the state is burning, yet the Chief Minister and government has been defended by the top BJP leadership and the central government. The Prime Minister’s statement after months of deafening silence, trivialised the incident, the enormity of the violence in Manipur and also the partisan role of the Chief Minister. The principle of accountability has been buried deep by the double engine government.  It is the most graphic commentary on the claim of `good governance’ by the BJP.

The Polit Bureau demands the immediate resignation of the Chief Minister of Manipur. It calls upon its units to raise this demand across the country in protest actions and in solidarity with the women victims and the people of Manipur.