Public Rally and Red volunteer march took place in Kannur on the occasion of CPI(M) Kannur District Conference. More than one Lakh people and 25,000 red volunteers attended the programme. This is a clear indication that the people of Kannur are with the Left and will continue to resist communal attacks of the RSS.

The Kannur District of Kerala is the biggest District Unit of CPIM with more than 50,000 party members under 18 area committees.
The three day district conference reviewed the party functioning and interventions in the district during 2015 to 2017. Party marked a significant growth in this period. 24 local committees and 362 new branches are increased during the last three years. The total membership of mass/class organizations has increased to 2,61,9667 from 2,61,1482.

CPI(M) led LDF has been governing 52 Gram Panchayats out of the 71 and won all the 11 Block Panchayats and the district Panchayats . Six Municipalities are being ruled by LDF out of the Nine and the lone Kannur Corporation in the district . In 2016 Assembly elections LDF secured 51.3 per cent votes in the district.

Five comrades have lost their life and 274 comrades have been injured including 20 women in the attacks mostly from BJP/RSS. Three area committee office, 7 local committee office and 46 branch offices came under attacks and also 102 party workers houses were damaged during these period.