Press Release

We are releasing the text of the complaint made to the Election Commission by Com. Brinda Karat, Member, polit Bureau, CPI(M) against the communal appeal made by the Sri Ram Sewa Samity in Gujarat.



This is to draw the attention of the Central Election Commission to a communal appeal issued in Mehsana Gujarat by an organization called Sri Ram Sewa Samity. A copy was given to me on my recent visit to Gujarat.
The appeal is to rouse Hindu sentiments alleging that the Government of India led by the Congress party is challenging the very existence of Ram. Although this is issued against the Congress, a party we are opposing, we believe that such appeals and propaganda based on falsifications polarize the electorate on communal lines and vitiate the political environment, thus going beyond party concerns.
I hope the Election Commission will take appropriate action.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,


Brinda Karat