Modi Government joint venture company with RSS holding majority shares: Prakash Karat


Inaugurating the 21st Conference of the Tamilnadu unit of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) at Chennai today, CPI(M) General Secretary Prakash Karat said that the RSS is the main guiding force of the Modi Government and that its leadership is being institutionalised through the coordination committee set up between Government and RSS. This he warned, is a joint venture, with the majority share being with the RSS.

He said that the aggressive pursuit of neo-liberal policies by the Modi government will further deepen social inequalities and intensify the exploitation of the working people. While it is launching a vicious attack on people and their livelihood, it is meeting the demands of big foreign and Indian capitalists, by permitting hire and fire of workers at will, by amending labour laws.


He pointed out that during the nine month period when the BJP government has been in office, nine ordinances have been passed bypassing Parliament. In whose favour have been these ordinance been passed? Not for the people, but for FDI in insurance, for private mining interests to denationalise the mining sector and for big industry to snatch away farmers rights. This Government has across the board cut public expenditure, it has cut health budget, MGNREGA budget, expenditure on food etc.


At the same time, he also cautioned against the danger from the rise of the rightwing Hindutva forces. He said that the struggle against right wing offensive has to be fought at both levels: against economic policy onslaught on people’s rights and livelihood and also against RSS Hindutva ideologies in the social and cultural sphere.

He called for the building up of struggles on issues affecting the common man and against these policies. He greeted the trade unions for the struggles they have been conducting against the policies. The coal mine workers went on a two day strike. He welcomed the coming together of all organisations working among the rural poor and the proposed joint demonstration on February 24 against the Land ordinance. He said that in the coming days the CPI(M) will gear itself to meet this right wing offensive, counter it and roll it back.



He also said that the CPI(M) will cooperate and strive to unite with all other forces who are prepared to fight against the twin offensive of pro-corporate and Hindutva policies.


With regard to Tamilnadu, the CPI(M) General Secretary said that  the two main parties the AIADMK and the DMK have continuously compromised  on policies and have followed neoi-liberal policies and opportunistically allied with either the BJP or the Congress according to their narrow interests. Both these parties are steeped in corruption he said. He also observed that even the positive aspects of Dravidian movement have been compromised by these parties.

Prakash Karat said that the CPI(M) wants to bring about a new political alternative.

He pointed out that in Tamilnadu the Party has fought for justice for the socially and economically oppressed and exploited classes; fought against untouchability and for equity and social justice. He called for the strengthening of these movements and the Party. He also called for strengthening Left unity and unity with other democratic forces.

He said that the CPI(M) has shown in practice its alternative policies and practices against corruption and for probity in public life. The Party, he said has been uncompromising in defence of the rights of the socially oppressed and economically exploited sections.


He concluded his speech by calling for the strengthen of the organisation and taking forward the glorious traditions of sacrifice, service and struggle.