16th Madhya Pradesh state conference of the CPI(M) was held in Bhopal on January 16, 17, 18. It set the goals of new campaigns, movements and struggles and re-elected Jaswinder Singh as the state secretary.

In his concluding speech at the conference, Party general secretary Sitaram Yechury, giving many examples from the country and the world, said that the struggles of the people have been in the most despotic rules and have won them.

The working people know how to make sacrifices to get rid of their troubles and on the basis of that, they can reach the destination of success. Clearing the myth that the Left is weak, he said parliamentary power cannot be the only measure of the strength of the CPI(M) or the Left. The real question is the struggle to be fought without any pause over the questions of relations with the people and their lives, and the Left is at the forefront of it. The role of the Left in the recent historic peasant movement and the fourth national strike in four years is enough to explain this. It is to be accelerated further in the coming days. He expressed the hope that in Madhya Pradesh too, the CPI(M) would move ahead with a spurt in agitation and struggle on the local questions of the people. He said that it is clear from the stories of struggle and achievements narrated in the discussions for three days that the party of Madhya Pradesh has that capability. It needs to be used systematically.

Speaking on the second day of the conference, former MP and Polit Bureau Member, Subhashini Ali highlighted the very worrying rapid growth of social injustice under the BJP rule. She said that this is part of the conspiracy to restore Manuvaad. Such incidents are more in Madhya Pradesh because it has been kept as their laboratory by the RSS-BJP. The CPI(M) and the Left also have to fight against this social form of exploitation as it is also a part of class exploitation. Ali also spoke about the divisive communalism conspiracies being done by the Modi government to hide its failures and called for making the public aware of them. Sharing her experiences related to Madhya Pradesh, she also gave many suggestions and called for expansion of movement and organisation among all sections and communities of the people.

State secretary Jaswinder Singh laid the political organisational report. In this, the state’s political situation and the condition of the economy, agriculture, farm labour, industry, employment and healthcare facilities were described. The main issues of the struggles to be carried out in the coming days were determined with details of the implementation of Manusmriti and the plight of women, dalits, tribals in the social status, attacks on the secular structure. The organisational portion of the report framed experiences with a critical review of the conflicts, movements and multifaceted activities of the last four years. The Party organisation and the working of the committees were reviewed on the basis of the guidelines of the Kolkata Plenum and the expansion targets were identified by identifying the reforms to be done in the coming days.

The conference elected a 30-member state committee in the last session. It re-elected outgoing state secretary Jaswinder Singh as its secretary. The 11-member state secretariat including the secretary and the delegates for the Party Congress were also elected.