Press Statement

The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has issued the following statement:

On Nandigram Incidents

For two and a half months five gram panchayats in Block I of Nandigram have been out of bounds for the administration. Certain elements had resorted to violence and cut off roads and bridges in the area on the pretext of land acquisition.

CPI(M) members and supporters were driven out of the area. Two thousand and five hundred people were driven out of the area. More than a thousand people are sheltering in relief camps outside the area. Even after the government categorically declared that no land is being acquired in Nandigram, the Trinamul, naxalite and other elements refused to allow the administration or police into the area. Those who did not go along with their disruptive activities were targeted. Only a few days ago a woman, Sumita Mandal, was raped and killed.

The repeated efforts to have meetings so that peace could be restored were rebuffed with these parties and elements refusing to attend the meetings. Finally, after an all-Party meeting, which was boycotted by the Trinamul Congress, a decision was taken that the administration must reestablish its authority and peace be restored in the area.

The police entered Nandigram to see that the roads, culverts and bridges are repaired and the administration restored. They were attacked by brickbatting, bombs and use of pipe guns.

It is regrettable that lives have been lost in police firing. But the organised elements who utilised bombs and pipe guns on the police have to take the blame.

The Polit Bureau appeals to the people of West Bengal and in particular Nandigram and East Midnapur district to stand unitedly against such disruptive forces.