New State Secretariat Constituted

CPI(M) Decides To Organize Bigger Mass Movements in West Bengal

The CPI(M) W.BengalState Committee has constituted a new State Secretariat with two permanent invitees members. The state committee held a two-day meeting to chalk out a detailed plan for launching people’s struggles in the state. Party general secretary SitaramYechury and polit bureau member Prakash Karat present in the meeting. 


The State Secretariat now comprises of:BimanBasu, BuddhadebBhattacharjee, SurjyaKantaMisra(Secretary), Md. Selim, Madan Ghosh, Shyamal Chakraborty, Mridul De, Goutam Deb, DipakDasgupta, Nripen Choudhury, Sridip Bhattacharya, Dipak Sarkar, Rabin Deb, Amiya Patra, Sujan Chakraborty, Minati Ghosh(new), Ashok Bhattacharya (Permanent Invitee) and Ramchandra Dom (Permanent Invitee).


In a statement issued after the meeting, State Secretary SurjyaKanta Mishra said that ‘the state has witnessed no change of political balance. Unprecedented terror has been witnessed from the ruling Trinamool Congress in the Municipal Elections. Nevertheless the positive aspect was political protests in many places. The public anger has been reflected in the General Strike on 30th April. The Strike had succeeded with great people’s support’.


Stressing that ‘a severe crisis is evident in public lives’, the statement said that large scale movements will be organized on the following issues: 

 (i) farmers not getting proper prices for their crops;

(ii) crisis of new employment due to the stalemate in rural developmental projects;

(iii)hike of power and petrol prices;

(iv) general price rise;

(v) employment crisis due to no new industrial project in the state;

(vi) loss of jobs due to factory closure;


Besides these, local issues have to be associated SurjyaKantaMisra said.

The Party has decided to initiate a programme of ideological education to strengthen the organization. Regular classes will be arranged in the Central Party School. The adopted political resolutions of both State Conference and Party Congress will be circulated with explanatory notes.

The State Committee has decided to constitute an organization of agricultural labourers, as decided in the State Conference and adopted in the Party Congress. All associated comrades in the Krishak Front will be duly consulted.