CPI{M} Polit Bureau member  Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee said on September 4 that the Left would not allow eviction of slum dwellers by realtors for setting up malls and buildings.He said,” We will stop it at any cost.The government has to take care of the development of slum dwellers.”
At the first meeting of West Bengal Slum Development Samiti, the former Chief Minister of West Bengal said, “Instead of taking steps to create jobs, Trinamool Congress is giving money to the clubs for spending.It is giving birth to an unholy culture which will destroy the future of poor youths living in slums.”
“Instead of helping the youths to go back to schools and colleges,they are providing them with cheap liquor and bikes,in order to recruit them in their hooligan brigade.This tendency has to stop”,Bhattacharjee alleged.