The National Register of Citizens (NRC) was part of the Assam Accord which decided on the cut-off date of 1971 to determine the question of illegal migrants settled in Assam.  The work for preparing such a register did not proceed until the Supreme Court intervened and under its directions and  supervision, the draft NRC has been prepared.

It has been noticed that there are a lot of anomalies in the preparation of the draft.  A large number of women have been left out despite the fact that the Supreme Court declared the panchayat certificate as a valid document. Many others complained of being left out due to improper field verification. In some cases, ration cards, as support document, have been reportedly rejected.  Strangely, in a single family, some members are included while others are excluded.  Consequently, there is apprehension and anxiety amongst the 40 lakh names that did not  figure in the draft NRC.

All the complaints regarding non-inclusion must be thoroughly and seriously examined and corrected.  The time limit for claims on inclusion of names must be extended to allow people to file their complaints. Only then the final NRC should be published.  No Indian should be excluded. 

The utterance of the BJP President claiming that all 40 lakhs of people excluded in this draft NRC are `illegal migrants’ is causing widespread apprehension. 

The Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) appeals to the people to maintain  peace and tranquility.  All efforts that undermine the unity and integrity of our country and our people should be foiled.