We are not a talking shop where we go on talking which is meaningless. We want the discussion to be followed up with some action. In the morning, hon. Leader of the Opposition asked me to authenticate and I have authenticated the media reports..

The solution is, we want an assurance of action from the Government. That can only happen if the Prime Minister comes and gives that assurance because there is no other authority in this Government except the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister will have to come and give that assurance here before the House.

Debate and discussion must be followed by action. Here, no action follows. What does that mean? The only authority who can take any action in this Government is the Prime Minister. Let the Prime Minister come. That is the point.

But last time when we had a discussion, the hon. Prime Minister had assured the House that it would not happen. But immediately after that again Members of Parliament of his party continued to make very extremely inflammatory and provocative speeches. Now, what is the meaning of such assurances? No other Minister is able to give an assurance. So, we want the Prime Minister to come and give that assurance. That is a valid point.