Com. Nripen Chakraborty was one of the founders of the Communist movement in Tripura. He along with the late Dasrath Deb laid the foundations of a strong communist movement in the state. They played a pioneering role in the fight against the feudal aristocracy and for national independence. It is due to their efforts that the integration of the tribals into the national mainstream has taken place.
Elected successively in elections to the state assembly, Com. Nripen Chakraborty headed the first Left Front government in Tripura that came into being in 1978 and continued in office till 1988.
He was jailed several times and spent many years underground.
Com. Nripen Chakraborty was elected to the Central Committee of the CPI(M) in 1972 and to its Polit Bureau in 1983.
He led a very simple life, and his requirements were spartan. His sacrifices for the cause of the people and the Party made him immensely popular in the state and outside.
Though he was expelled from the Party in 1995, considering his long years of service to the Communist movement, the Party decided to readmit him.

He died on December 25. 2004 at the age of 100.