Adopted at the 20th Congress of the CPI(M), Kozhikode, April 4-9, 2012
P. Sundarayya Zindabad
Observe P. Sundarayya Birth Centenary
May 1, 2012 marks the birth centenary of the revolutionary Communist leader, Comrade Putchalapalli Sundarayya. P. Sundarayya is one of the major figures of the Indian Communist movement who was drawn into the social reform movement and the freedom struggle at a young age.
Attracted to the Communist Party through Comrade Amir Hyder Khan, Sundarayya played a key role in building the Communist movement in south India during the 1930s.
Comrade Sundarayya established the first union of agricultural workers. He was the Secretary of the Andhra Communist Party Committee which was formed in 1934. He played an important role in leading the Telangana armed struggle. That struggle paved the way for the liberation of people from the feudal yoke of the Nizam rule.
P. Sundarayya became a member of the first Central Committee of the Communist Party. From then onwards, he played a pioneering role in building the Communist Party.
Comrade Sundarayya made a big contribution to the approach of the Communist Party on the agrarian revolution. He made a detailed study of the agrarian sector and helped to formulate tactics to build the peasant movement.
As a committed Marxist-Leninist, he applied the theory to Indian conditions to build the revolutionary movement. When revisionist and ultra Left trends came to the fore, he fought them and safeguarded the correct Marxist-Leninist line.
Sundarayya became the General Secretary of the CPI (M) from its inception in 1964 and played a major role in establishing the Party as a leading force in the Left movement in the country.
As a Member of Parliament and state legislature, Sundarayya set an example of how to take up people’s issues.
Comrade Sundarayya reared successive generations of cadres and inspired them by his life and example. He donated his whole property to the Party and lived a simple and exemplary life.
The life and work of Comrade Sundarayya is that of a builder of a Communist movement, a relentless fighter for the emancipation of the exploited classes and the embodiment of a revolutionary with Marxist-Leninist commitment. The birth centenary of such a great revolutionary should be commemorated by the Party and all Left and progressive circles.

The 20th Congress calls for a year-long observance of the birth centenary of Comrade P Sundarayya from May 1, 2012. It authorizes the new Central Committee to chalk out the programmes regarding the observance.